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Videos Showing Last Moments Before Tagbo Umeike’s Death…DAVIDO WAS THERE!!…His Crew LIED!!! | #Deevanalysis

By: Peace October 4, 2017

Yesterday, Nigerian social media was agog with the news of a guy named Tagbo Umeike (pictured above) whose dead body was dumped by Davido‘s crew at the General Hospital in Lagos.
You Finally Have It! Davido’s OFFICIAL “Skelewu” Video By Moe Musa Is Out…And I Hate It! Find Out Why

By: Peace October 23, 2013

A lot of people who watched the Moe Musa–directed ‘Skelewu’ official video after its release yesterday were sorely disappointed. Last week, the news of a leaked Skelewu music video on Youtube went