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Cab Kills Ekpo Masquerade In Uyo

By: admin December 22, 2017

A masquerade has been knocked down by a hit-and-run driver, today, ten days to the end of the year. He is said to have been hit when the driver, who
Videos Showing Last Moments Before Tagbo Umeike’s Death…DAVIDO WAS THERE!!…His Crew LIED!!! | #Deevanalysis

By: Peace October 4, 2017

Yesterday, Nigerian social media was agog with the news of a guy named Tagbo Umeike (pictured above) whose dead body was dumped by Davido‘s crew at the General Hospital in Lagos.
Would Peter Bunor Have Died So Soon? [MY DEEVANALYSIS]

By: Peace May 2, 2015

Veteran Nollywood actor, Peter Bunor has died. The talented role interpreter died in the early hours of yesterday, May 1st. Although the details surrounding his death are still sketchy, it is