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The Reward Of Being A Good Teacher

By: admin July 6, 2018

I grew up in the era of public schools, where being insanely strict was thought to be the best way to educate a child. It was an era where teachers
The Ignorance of Some Nigerian Men About the Female Workload

By: Peace May 26, 2018

When I read ignorant comments like this, I sometimes wish God could spray Shelltox on such people so they drop down like mosquitoes and give sensible people more space to
Losing Friends Who Do Not Stand In Their Truth

By: admin December 17, 2017

I just buried a friend yesterday, only to log into Facebook this morning and see a fat R.I.P. on another friend’s picture. What is happening???   I met this second
TRUE STORY | How I Almost Missed My 5th Miracle [PART 2]

By: admin July 28, 2016

We got to the doctor’s office barely speaking to each other. I’m sure the doctor was used to seeing drama like this on a regular basis, so he just rested
#WisdomWednesday| DEEVA PROSE: Who Is A ‘Gywee’?

By: admin May 14, 2014

Have you noticed people are becoming more and more creative with words? Beyonce Knowles created the word ‘bootylicious’; a word that has come to define a woman who is voluptuously
#WisdomWednesday|DEEVA PROSE: “The Most High” [PART 2]

By: admin May 7, 2014

Talking about blasphemy, I want to elaborate on that post I once read from a twitter handle infamous for posting very rude tweets. The post which said: “My son told
#WisdomWednesday|DEEVA PROSE: “The Most High” [PART 1]

By: admin April 30, 2014

A good friend of mine stumbled upon a post on Facebook. It got her so furious that she couldn’t sleep that night. She felt she hadn’t proven her love for
#WisdomWednesday|DEEVA PROSE: It Takes Two Part 2 – The Female Culprit

By: admin April 23, 2014

I once met a woman who made all the escapades of our men folk seem like child’s play. Gina is truly every husband’s worst nightmare. According to her, she was
#WisdomWednesday|DEEVA PROSE: It Takes Two Part 1-The Male Culprit

By: admin April 16, 2014

I read in a newspaper, about a couple’s dinner organized by a Christian women’s fellowship. It was an event that was put together to create an ambience for marital counselling.
#WisdomWednesdays|DEEVA PROSE: Who Sets The World’s Beauty Standards?

By: admin April 9, 2014

In 2009, I had a friend come visit. It so happened that she met two of my daughters, Nadine and Chavonne playing the game of ‘pretend .’ On this day,