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DEEVA EROTICA 18+| Late At The Office – Part 2

  Marie didn’t answer right away, and she watched as Alicia quickly got very embarrassed, thinking she’d just made a huge blunder. “I…I’m sorry,” Alicia stammered. “Why should you be sorry?” Marie said quietly, stepping closer. “I’m interested.” She touched …

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DEEVA EROTICA 18+| Elevator Love

As the elevator doors closed, I found my body drawn magnetically to yours. Resting my chest on your chest the juxtapositions of our hearts with opposite see-saw play on and with each other, ups and downs.“What did you whisper in …

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DEEVA EROTICA 18+| What You Want [Part 3]

It took me a moment to work up an appropriate reaction. My cock twitched to life, like the predicable, mindless moron it was. I took in the display: the petulant expression beneath the tangle of curls; her nipples, small and …

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DEEVA EROTICA 18+| What You Want [Part 2]

There was no way to read her acceptance. I puzzled it as we walked along the wide, silent boulevard. The pride of the French who had colonized the place, Le Duan was deserted at midnight. Only the occasional passing motorcycle …

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DEEVA EROTICA 18+| What You Want [Part 1]

“This is what you want, isn’t it?” she said, tugging my hand down the front of her skirt and pressing it home into the hollow of her crotch. The material was thin; there was nothing beneath her linen skirt. The …

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