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By: Peace September 17, 2015

Deeva’s Note: If you’ve not been following this story, kindly scroll to the bottom to catch up so you can fully appreciate this deevanalysis. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t have wanted to
To My Brainwashed Christian Sisters, You Can Be A Boss Lady If You Want

By: Peace September 10, 2015

Just reading through Julia Lawrence‘s take on financial independence in marriage has inspired me to write this deevanalysis. Ten or more years ago, I’d have vehemently opposed Mrs Lawrence’s views.
#HousewivesVent: I Can’t Believe My Husband Is Asking Me For This!! – PART 2 [AGE 18+]

By: Peace July 16, 2015

My Deevanalysis: If you didn’t read PART ONE, please click HERE to read. Then return to read this so you can best understand. Mr Married-For-8-Month’s was almost so perfect in
#HousewivesVent: Dear Wives Of Cheating Husbands, This Is For You…[PART THREE]

By: Peace June 26, 2015

Ingredient 1: WISDOM I remember twelve years ago in 2002, I had just been married for four years. As a bachelor, my husband’s closing time from work was 8pm, including