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Question For The Ladies…

Ladies, Your boyfriend comes to visit you and buys you ‘Suya’ and because you’re angry with him you threw the ‘Suya’ into the waste bin in his presence … He leaves angrily only to discover that he has left his …

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FUN QUIZ: Ladies, How Much Of A Freak Are You? ;)

This quiz for women has gone viral on Facebook. It’s being passed around to determine if you’re a freak or not. Answer the questions below and tell me your score in the comment section below…if you’re bold enough…hehehe!! 5 Point …

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Ladies, How Often Should We Mow ‘Our Lawn’?

By now if you’re smart enough, you’d certainly know that I’m not referring to the lawn in our front yard. It’s the ‘bush’ that grows on our ‘secret garden.’ Not explicit enough? Okay it’s the hair on our Vjayjays…the pubic …

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Babes Come Out in Nigerian Colours

Yes oooooo!! That’s the spirit.  Check out these beautiful ladies in their lovely green outfits. Let’s join these lovely ladies to celebrate a great country. No matter the challenges we may face, we must always carry our country with pride. …

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Sightings: Two girls Fight Over Jobless Man

Move over Wrestlemania, this is a real fight! Pass me the popcorn. I need to relax and enjoy this show. Who says the man they are fighting over is ‘jobless’? These Ladies are obviously the jobless ones!

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