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By: admin March 29, 2016

Funmi was one of the pioneer readers of this blog. Her day was never complete without her paying Peace Ben Williams Blog a visit. We miss her intelligent contribution and
I Wish I Could Talk To Whitney…To Send Bobbi Kristina Back

By: admin February 11, 2015

February 11, 2012 was just like any ordinary day for me. I picked up the remote control to my cable TV and settled down on my sofa to flip through
Deevanalysis For October, 2013 [Sarah Baartman, Racism, GEJ, StellaOduahgate, NPF, Weddings & Breakups]

By: Peace November 1, 2013

Hello, dear readers. Like a flash, the month of October has come and gone. How was it for you? Were you able to achieve your goals? For me, October was
Deevanalysis For August, 2013

By: Peace September 1, 2013

Hello, my esteemed PBWB readers, welcome to the month of September and the last quarter of 2013. We must be thankful to the creator for keeping us alive thus far.
Deevanalysis For December 2012

By: admin January 1, 2013

Hurray!!!  We did it! We made it to 2013!! Darling readers, thanks for sticking it out with me through it all. We made over 100,000 HITS  on the Peace Ben