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What #GoodFriday Means To Me [MUST READ]

By: admin March 25, 2016

I used to be in a relationship with a dude I was mega crazy about. He was tall, dark and handsome and he was extremely romantic and so into me. Whenever I
Happy New Month!! What To Do In NOVEMBER

By: admin November 1, 2014

Wow, how time flies! I can vividly remember January, 2014 and here we are in November. November is the month of harvest and thanksgiving and we sure do have a
Yay! Peace Ben Williams Blog is 2 Years Old Today…How It All Began

By: admin September 4, 2014

I can’t believe Peace Ben Williams Blog is two years old, today…it feels like I’ve been blogging forever. It feels so good to see how much God has enabled me
Former Nigerian President, Ibrahim Babangida Is 73 Today…Why I Once Hated Him

By: admin August 17, 2014

As a young girl, I totally hated General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida (Rtd). The year was 1987 and I was a 13-year-old in junior secondary school. IBB was president and he
#WisdomWednesday|DEEVA PROSE: It Takes Two Part 2 – The Female Culprit

By: admin April 23, 2014

I once met a woman who made all the escapades of our men folk seem like child’s play. Gina is truly every husband’s worst nightmare. According to her, she was
#WisdomWednesdays|DEEVA PROSE: Who Sets The World’s Beauty Standards?

By: admin April 9, 2014

In 2009, I had a friend come visit. It so happened that she met two of my daughters, Nadine and Chavonne playing the game of ‘pretend .’ On this day,
DEEVA PROSE: The Funny Side Of The Bed

By: admin March 19, 2014

Usually, when you start your day feeling irritably angry at everyone and everything, people will ask if you woke up from the wrong side of the bed. On this day,
Deevanalysis For January, 2014…Lupita Nyong’o, Nigerian Same Sex Marriage Bill, Nigerian Bleachers Inc. & Goldie Hawn Flirting With GEJ

By: Peace February 1, 2014

Hello Darling Pweebers, Welcome to my first deevanalysis for 2014. It’s been a long and bumpy ride. So much drama happening around the world. It gives me the feeling we
Memo To My Haters…Read And Weep!!

By: admin December 9, 2013

Dear hater or whatever your name is, Usually I don’t dignify you all with an answer but one of you in PBWB Haters Inc. did the most stupid and cowardly thing
Broken Bridge of Memories 3: The African Cinderella…Elizabeth’s Story

By: admin October 21, 2013

Eight year old Elizabeth was used to seeing women come and go in her father’s life. She was the fourth child. Her three older brothers had been borne to her