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Broken Bridge of Memories 2: Omolara’s Story

By: admin October 20, 2013

As the sun glistened in the afternoon sky, Sale walked into his wife’s eating place with a young maiden carrying a few bundles of clothing. Omolara, the eldest of nine
Broken Bridge Of Memories 1: Nancy’s Story

By: admin October 19, 2013

I’ve often wondered about the mad man I see walking naked on the street. He rummages through rubbish bins. After he has eaten his fill of the decaying rubbish, he
Deevanalysis For September, 2013

By: Peace October 1, 2013

Hello, darling PBWB readers. The month of September ended so fast! It was like, I shut my eyes and when I opened it…October. So much happened in September and I’m
POEM: Nigeria’s Pride

By: admin October 1, 2012

We come from a land where the hills overlook vast grassland; The rain forest with the palm trees and strong timber A place where maidens play in the river and