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ASK DEEVA: I Had Sex With a Man I Call My Brother…How Do I Live My Life Now?

By: admin February 23, 2015

Hello Deeva, I read your blog from Ghana. I did something a while ago that has been eating me up and I just wanted to get it off my chest by writing
The Male Organ Talk: Where Should A Christian Woman Draw The Line?

By: admin December 2, 2014

Can I just say something before we move on to the main topic? A few people have expressed some misgivings about my posts which bother on sex and the sexual anatomy
Emeka Ike Names Producers Who Demand Sex In Exchange For Acting Roles…Did He Do The Right Thing?

By: Peace October 12, 2014

There has been much talk about the can of worms Nigerian actor, Emeka Ike opened at the 2nd Edition of the City People’s Political Awards which held recently in Lagos. The Imo