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I Think Precious Jones Owes Beverly Osu A Heartfelt Apology

By: Peace December 9, 2015

It’s no longer news that Precious Jones, the wife of Nigerian rapper 2Shotz has finally admitted that her husband beats her. He even slapped his infant daughter by mistake in
The Day Attention Seeker Fooled Linda Ikeji & The Average-Brained Nigerian Twitter

By: Peace August 28, 2015

Whether a story is crude, a hoax or fake; the beauty of blogging is to bring it to the attention of our dear readers. And so it was yesterday while
Charles Novia’s Putting Seyi Shay’s Channel O Dress on Blast…My Deevanalysis

By: Peace December 3, 2014

Nigerian singer  Seyi Shay wore a sheer black dress to the Channel O awards last weekend which got people talking and many thought was her dress was scandalous. Personally I
What Did The Nigerian SSS Do To @Ciaxon…What Can We Deduce From His Cryptic Tweets?

By: Peace April 21, 2014

We are certainly living in perilous times in our great nation, Nigeria. Recently I reported that a young man, Yusuf Onimisi, who goes by the name @Ciaxon on Twitter was