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Mike Yung, The Subway Singer Time Forgot…But God Always Remembered

By: Peace October 20, 2016

Listen, this story really soaked my face in tears. Had to get up, go grab my hanky to wipe my eyes so I could type this post properly. His name
Viral Mother’s Day Photo Slammed as ‘Vulgar’ and ‘Indecent’ [SEE PHOTO + MY DEEVANALYSIS]

By: Peace May 11, 2015

This grown adult guy here probably though popping out his mother’s boob out of a bra and having a photo taken of them was funny. Apparently, this photo went viral
Why Omoni Oboli Was Trending Throughout This Week On Social Media…My Deevanalysis

By: Peace August 23, 2014

Ehen, I’ve finally put one big egg in my mouth that I can’t swallow and that is Omoni Oboli‘s ‘scandalous’ Presidential Villa dress. Oh how I avoided this topic, but