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Taliban Still Going After 14-Year-Old Activist, Malala As She Recovers In Hospital

Malala Yousafzai

After 14-year-old Pakistani activist, Malala Yousafzai was shot in her home country, the Taliban vowed to target the teenager again until they succeed in killing her.

The schoolgirl, who is in a stable condition, was shot in the head by the group after she demanded education for women in Pakistan.

She was flown into Britain yesterday for medical treatment and reconstructive surgery.

It was revealed that several people claiming to be her family were stopped at the ward holding Malala at Birmingham’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Management at the hospital have said that police and their own security staff stopped them getting near the 14-year-old last night.

The hospital’s medical director Dr Dave Rosser said:

“We do not think that there is a threat to her personal safety. We believe that it is a case of people being curious. We and West Midlands Police are satisfied with the security we have.”

No arrests were made.  The police only recorded the visitors’ details and advised them that they would not be allowed to see her.




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  1. I remember when she was shot. Thank God she’s out of that country. She should not go back,else she’ll die. Even in Britain she should be secured. I fear for her life.
    Just at 14 she has made a name for herself. God pls be with her.

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