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Taraba Deputy Governor Impeached

Impeached Governor Danladi

The Taraba State House of Assembly has impeached Deputy Governor of  Taraba state, Sanni Abubakar Danladi. 20 out of 24 members of the house voted for his impeachment.

The allegations levelled against the impeached deputy governor include the siting of MDG ICT centre and motorised borehole in his privately owned school, Yaggai Academy. Also the diversion of solar  energy from the state’s street light to  the school as well as inability to properly discharge his functions and allegedly using his office to acquire a large expanse of land in the state capital to the detriment of the general public.

Although, the impeached Governor Danladi  had challenged the composition of the members of the panel, citing integrity issues, the panel still went ahead to pronounce him guilty of the allegations, which included diverting state government projects to locations where he had personal interest.

Some parts of the allegations read:

“By virtue of your being the deputy governor of Taraba State, you had easy access to the office of the Federal Government/World Bank’s Millennium Development Goals projects in the state and other state agencies. And in that capacity, therefore, you used your office and influence and caused to be diverted MDGs facilities and street-light projects to Yaggai Academy, a private school owned and operated by Yaggai Academy Limited, with you as the alter ego of the company and thereby denying the underprivileged members of the state access to and use of such facilities, and doing so contravened the oath of office you swore to.”

Another part read, “That you, Danladi, have demonstrated a clear lack of capacity and or a refusal to properly discharge the functions of your office and so doing, you have created disaffection, disharmony, favouritism and undue interference in the running of the government.

“Instead of working in harmony with stakeholders in your local council and the state, you have resorted to acts of incitement of the populace against the stakeholders with all the attendant negative consequences.”

Source: Daily Times Ng




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  1. My personal opinion is that,his impeachment was sponsored by the govenor. Of course,the reasons are just far fetched because there’s no sitting govenor or member of house of rep or senator or president & the likes that have not bettered his “constituency” so to say.
    So,am sure that with time,the real reason will surface.

  2. Time has come when GOVERNANCE in Nigeria MUST wear a democratic face, where our “Servants” must take our welfare/honesty into thier poliltical calculations. Our brothers in Taraba state have proved that any errant servant of the people can/should be shown the way out when he steps out of tune to dance naked in the market square provided all the accusations could stand the test of scrupulous scrutiny. Enough of this nonsense of using elevated political positions to loot the treasury and divert the peoples asset to personal use.

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