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Teen Horror Blogger, Ashlee Martinson Explains Why She Killed Her Parents

ashlee-martinson-1An 18-year-old blogger is seemingly for the first time since she was sent to prison, telling her own story — one about a teenage girl, abused for years by her mother’s boyfriends as her mother stood by them.

Ashlee Martinson who is now in prison said she feels freer in incarceration, than she did at home in Wisconsin.

It was there, she said, that a lifetime of physical, sexual and psychological abuse culminated into one horrific moment last year — the moment she fatally shot her stepfather, Thomas Ayers, 37, and fatally stabbed her mother, Jennifer Ayers, 40, more than 30 times. Then she locked her three younger siblings in a bedroom in their home in the tiny town of Piehl, in northern Wisconsin, and ran, police said.

Following a multistate manhunt, police arrested Martinson in Indiana, where she fled with her boyfriend. In March, she ultimately pleaded guilty to second-degree homicide and is serving 23 years in prison.

In an exclusive interview with Crime Watch Daily, which aired Tuesday, Martinson said:

“I know that sounds crazy, because I’m in prison, but I feel like I’m free. I can wake up every day and know that I am safe.”

“I’m not a monster. I never meant any of this to happen. It doesn’t make it right, what happened. But I was just a girl, an abused girl, who was forced to make a really bad decision.

“I’m not the monster that they portrayed me to be.”

Martinson, who went by the pseudonym “Vampchick” on her blog titled Nightmare, purportedly posted a poem days before her parents’ deaths about torturing and killing people, according to People.

According the Daily Mail, she wrote in a poem called “Unworthy,”

“I clean the dry blood off my tools from a previous session. The last body has been disposed of just hours before, yet I have not been satisfied with the pain, agony and blood.

“I bend down as they start to wake.

” ‘Welcome to hell.’ I whisper in her ear. ‘Never again will you see the light of day.’ “

Authorities confirmed last year that the blog that had been linked to Martinson was indeed associated with her; but they did not know whether the content posted under the pseudonym “Vampchick” was her original work.

The blog has since been taken offline.


Source: Independent UK




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