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That ‘Shade’ Annie Idibia Threw? Pero’s Sister Comes For Her Neck!

ANNIE IDIBIA-FUNMI BAZUAYE-CVAnnie Idibia has been posting about child abuse and appealing to be parents to be more sensitive towards their kids’ plight for about one month now.

But the post she made yesterday on the topic, plus the shoutout to one of her husband’s baby mamas, Sunmbo Adeoye, didn’t go down well with the elder sister of the OTHER baby mama who wasn’t given a shoutout.

Annie’s post seemed badly timed because her hubby, Tuface Idibia is currently in the United States visiting his three children from Pero Adeniyi.

Funmi Bazuaye…Pero’s elder sister swooped on the comment section of Annie’s post and wrote…

PERO-ANNIE-2“Do you think we have deleted all your evil messages concerning those 3 kids? Do you want the world to know the truth on how you keep him from seeing his kids.

Girl….don’t even go there with me! I am not hiding, I am Pero’s only sister! The older one. This is clap back season and I am so in on it. How dare you throw a subtle shade?! You think her keeping quiet means she’s stupid, you think she doesn’t know how to use social media to aim fame?

Leaving [Living] her life in the US quietly is because she respects her children, loves them and does not throw them on social media to score cheap points and cheap likes.

You think you can trespass that territory??? You just crossed the line. If you think you are superwoman, I got the krypton items for your ass! #dontevengothere.”

Then Annie responded…

“I didn’t mention no one in my post…I ain’t throwing no shades…but u so dumb that you haven’t been seeing my post for past weeks about child abuse etc… Y does my post bother you so much??

Ohhh someone is guilty of my post???? And if u are who you say you are… Y r you even on my page??? Teach your toddler self worth and self pride…

Don’t come on my page [to] rant your frustrations!!! And stop acting clueless..Shameless bunch!!! I won’t block you. Enjoy.”

Then Annie added:

“😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 get off my page fool.”

That was the trigger Funmi was waiting for Annie to pull, because she wrote,

“I have been waiting for you to respond and you have just killed yourself…you just ticked a time bomb. It is done..where is your hubby??? You are dead! See you on the blogs…😂😂😂😂😂”

Then she began to reveal more of what she claims prompted Annie’s post…


“If you think you can start something just because he got away from your claws to throw a 10th birthday party for his daughter, you got something else coming your way. #liar #Igotyourtime #andforyourtrollstoo!”

“Yes, I know she is talking about my sister so does the rest of the world! If you don’t have sisters to fight for I have only one and I will die for her! This lady is wrong! @annieidibia1 crossed the line and it’s all because Innocent left from Cairo yesterday to see his kids that he has not seen in over 2 years because of her. The kids she fights there [their] father for even storing their name as “Idibia US”.

The kids she sends text their mum harassing their life anytime [I]nnocent starts to contact them. The kids SHE abuses by cutting them off from their dad, he has to hide to call or facetime them just because he doesn’t want @annieidibia1 troubles.

Annie, I have hard proof that will show the World you are a liar doing photoshop with Sunmbo’s kids to form happy family when we know what’s going on in the background…girl like Tiwa sang…”If I start to talk”…

Then Funmi started posting photos and a video of Tuface in America with Pero’s kids…

TUFACE-PEROS KIDS-1 TUFACE-PEROS KIDS-2 TUFACE-PEROS KIDS-3I even hear Pero shared a kiss with Tuface when she went to receive him. But I don’t know the type of kiss and don’t ask. Hehehe.


Watch the video…

Video Credit: Funmi Bazuaye/Instagram



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