That Shitty Video Iyabo Ojo Made Defending Toyin Aimakhu In The #SaveMayowa Saga Was “So Uncalled For”


IYABO OJO-TOYIN VIDEO-2Have you guys seen the video Iyabo Ojo put out on Instagram in defence of the part her fellow actress Toyin Aimakhu played in the #SaveMayowa saga?

If you haven’t, then please scroll down and watch so you’ll appreciate what I’m about to say. First, she condemned the person who put up the embarrassing video of Toyin yelling and acting all crazy at LUTH. Then she condemned the people who shared the video or wrote stories about it. Then she condemned those who put Toyin on blast for the part she played in claiming that Mayowa’s family scammed Nigerians. She condemned practically everyone..except TOYIN.

When I first watched the video on a blog, I was shaking in anger, but I didn’t want to jump into conclusions. So I rushed to Iyabo’s Instagram page to confirm if there were other videos to compliment this one, but no. It was just this one.

You know what Iyabo? STFU!!!…Just sharrap there!! WTF?!! In this saga, there is only one victim and her name is Mayowa Shukurat Ahmed. She is sick, frail and dying of stage 4 ovarian cancer. You never mentioned her for once in your video. Even if your video was a rant, the decent thing to do would have been to end it with a prayer for Mayowa’s healing.

Did Nigerians send Toyin to act crazy at LUTH? Did we send her to leave her house without wearing a bra or to shed crocodile tears at the police station while asking someone to film it for social media attention? Were we there? So how do we know all these things? You guys film rubbish, say rubbish and put it out there. And when we publish it, it becomes a problem?

Your friend Toyin’s handling of the #SaveMayowa saga was uncouth and rash,…just like you acted uncouth when you posted this video. There were better ways Toyin could have handled this matter without it getting so ugly. She even baited Linda Ikeji with false information. I’m sure Linda didn’t bother to verify the info properly because it was coming from Toyin…a renowned public figure whom everyone saw as the brain behind the fundraising. Now Linda is taking all the heat because it’s unethical for her to name her source while Toyin is playing victim? Hell no!!

What about the poor Ahmed family whose image was tarnished? They were called scammers because they decided to take a leap of faith to do all they can to save their sister’s life? Iyabo, if Mayowa was your blood sister, will you fold your arms and watch her die just because doctors told you her case was hopeless? Wouldn’t you try your best for her? How are they scammers? How did Toyin suddenly arrive at that conclusion?

Iyabo ejoor what  do you mean by “You people?” You refer to Nigerians disdainfully as “You people?” These are the same people who buy your movies…people who made you the so called star you are. Just a little reality check darling, without your fans and the media…YOU ARE NOTHING. So STFU and get off your high horse.

I don’t know what the problem is with SOME of you Yoruba genre actresses. You look very beautiful, but when you open your mouths, no sense to match the beauty. I taya!

Celebrities are not gods. Who is Toyin that Nigerians cannot boldly tell her when she did wrong? You can’t shut the mouth of Nigerians. Your video was “so uncalled for” in your own words.

If you won’t raise funds for a Nigerian in need next time, God will raise stones to do the work you were meant to do for His own glory alone, not yours.


Watch the video…

@aimakhutoyin its only God that rewards a gud heart! Leave it all 2 God n move on 😙😙😙

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