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THE ASABA MASSACRE | Fostering Peace On Nigeria’s 57th Independence [PART ONE]

asaba massacre-1As we celebrate Nigeria’s independence tomorrow, October 1st, it is important to look back at some of the key events that have defined us as a nation who are united in diversity.

It seems as the days roll by we tend to forget history and the ugly events that are better left unrepeated. Today Peace Ben Williams Blog remembers the Asaba Massacre are a rude reminder that pursuing peace and the progress of our nation is paramount for healing, growth and economic stability.

In August 1967, three months into the Nigerian Civil War, Biafran troops invaded the Midwest Region, to the west of the River Niger. They spread west, taking Benin City and reaching as far as Ore, where they were pushed back by the Nigerian Second Division, under the command of Col. Murtala Muhammed.

The Federal troops gained the upper hand, and forced the Biafrans back to the Niger, where they crossed the bridge back into the Biafran city of Onitsha, which lies directly across from Asaba. The Biafrans blew up the eastern spans of the bridge, so that the Federal troops were unable to pursue them.asaba massacre-4The Federal troops entered Asaba around October 5, and began ransacking houses and killing civilians, claiming they were Biafran sympathisers. Leaders summoned the townspeople to assemble on the morning of October 7, hoping to end the violence through a show of support for “One Nigeria.” Hundreds of men, women, and children, many wearing the ceremonial akwa ocha (white) attire paraded along the main street, singing, dancing, and chanting “One Nigeria.” At a junction, men and teenage boys were separated from women and young children, and gathered in an open square at Ogbe-Osowa village. Federal troops revealed machine guns, and orders were given, reportedly by Second-in-Command, Maj. Ibrahim Taiwo, to open fire. It is estimated that more than 700 men and boys were killed, some as young as 12 years old, in addition to many more killed in the preceding days.asaba massacre-5The bodies of some victims were retrieved by family members and buried at home. But most were buried in mass graves, without appropriate ceremony. Many extended families lost dozens of men and boys. Federal troops occupied Asaba for many months, during which time most of the town was destroyed, many women and girls were raped or forcibly “married,” and large numbers of citizens fled, often not returning until the war ended in 1970.asaba massacre-3Ibrahim B. Haruna has sometimes been named as the officer who ordered the massacre, following a report of his testimony to the Nigerian Human Rights Violations Investigations Commission, known as the Oputa Panel. This article quoted him as claiming responsibility (as the commanding officer) and having no apology for the atrocity. However, Haruna was not present in Asaba in 1967. He replaced Murtala Muhammed as C.O. of the Second Division in spring 1968. While there are no eye-witness reports of Muhammed ordering the killings, he was the Commander in the field, and thus must bear responsibility.

A comprehensive account of the massacre, its causes, consequences, and legacy, was published in August 2017.asaba massacre-2In a stroke of fate both officers who were alleged to have given that command were assassinated on the same day.

International journalist Kemi Omololu-Olunloyo tweeted today that Karma paid both men a visit for the evil they perpetuated on innocent souls…

She tweeted,

 Karma hit @HQNigerianArmy when Murtala Mohammed & Ibrahim Taiwo were both killed in 1976 coup. Were they really heroes? 

We must never forget the pain that brought here, but find a way of forging a better tomorrow by seeking peace.


PHOTO 1: Nigerian Troops In Asaba In 1967

PHOTO 2: Federal Troops advancing into Asaba town

PHOTO 3: Nigerian soldier inspects dead body of a victim

PHOTO 4: Residents of Asaba fleeing the town

PHOTO 5: Skulls of victims of Asaba massacre



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