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The Channel Lego Clutch Resurrects At Paul Okoye & Anita Isama’s Traditional Wedding…Find Out Who Brought It Back!

paul o-6One of the more unlikely summer trends of 2013 was the Chanel Lego bag launched by Karl Lagerfeld as part of its Spring/Summer 2013 collection…as if the giant hula-hoop handbag wasn’t enough to shock us.

The tiny plastic creations were crafted from high gloss hard vinyl and came in red, green, yellow, pink and blue, with the classic double-C logo picked out in raised plastic and could be worn as a clutch or across the body with a matching chain strap.

The tiny Plexiglass bag bore a striking similarity to the Danish children’s toy bricks, but its price is far from an actual Lego box. It came at a jaw-dropping price of $10,000…making it twice as expensive as a classic quilted Chanel bag.

The Lego clutch was only made as a limited edition product. There was no waiting list. It sold out immediately after it launch, despite its ridiculous price tag and despite being an opinion divider ever since its catwalk debut.

The Lego clutch became an instant work of art and a collector’s item. It was seen on famous shoulders such as Rihanna, Rita Ora and Kim Kardashian…making it the ‘it’ back of that year’s summer.

You can therefore imagine the shock and near-disdain from Nigerian fashion critics when they saw some of our female celebrities donning the limited edition bag, left, right and centre. Celebs such as Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo, Toyin Lawani, Joselyn DumasMercy Aigbe-Gentry, Sylvia Nduka and Sikiratu Sindodo.

One fashion critic even said the bag became totally worthless the moment Yoruba actress, Sikiratu Sindodo was spotted carrying it and moved for the bag to die a natural death in Nigeria. By now, it was so obvious that some of these celebs were carrying replicas; leaving us wondering which ones were donning the original copies,if they could really afford it and how they managed to grab this limited edition item.

With the secret out that there were fake Lego clutches on the prowl, those who owned them quickly hid them in their closets and those who had plans to join the fake-bag-carrying bandwagon recoiled to their shells.

But yesterday, three beautiful Nollywood actresses were seen at Paul Okoye‘s traditional wedding with the infamous bag lying right in front of their table. Ini Edo, Monalisa Chinda and Ebube Nwagbo were seen beaming in front of the camera with a blue Lego clutch in front of them. Ini is ruled out because her Lego clutch comes in red. That leaves the rest two with Monalisa looking more of the culprit as the bag is right in front of her.

I wonder what the fashion critics will say about this?


Genevieve Nnaji
Ini Edo
Mercy Aigbe-Gentry
Sylvia Nduka
Joselyn Dumas
Sikiratu Sindodo




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