The Day Attention Seeker Fooled Linda Ikeji & The Average-Brained Nigerian Twitter


JAMES NDU-2Whether a story is crude, a hoax or fake; the beauty of blogging is to bring it to the attention of our dear readers. And so it was yesterday while I was at a media briefing, a Twitter user named Ngozi Angela I. tweeted at a guy named James Ndubuisi, the tweets exploded Nigerian Twitter as they looked for whom to blame including celebrity blogger, Linda Ikeji who carried the story.JAMES NDU-1Ngozi who is a married woman tweeted to her ex-boyfriend, James telling him that she missed him. Read her tweets…JAMES NDU-3A lot of people advised Ngozi to take the tweets down before Linda Ikeji puts them on her blog but SHE REFUSED. Her tweets ended up on Linda’s blog and then Nigerian Twitter came for Linda, making her the number one trending topic…JAMES NDU-4Then it turned out Ngozi’s Twitter account was fake. It was discovered that Ngozi’s account also belonged to James Ndu, who is popular in the entertainment circle. He’s into management and used to work with Flavour. So I’m guessing James wanted to trend or gain more followers and decided to cook up this cock & bull story of his married ex tweeting at him.JAMES NDU-5

MY DEEVANALYSIS I kind of smelt a rat as I was reading this drama, so I wasn’t surprised that it turned out to be fake.

A woman whom a man has paid bride price for…if it is in Yoruba land, the man will prostrate hundreds of times to her father and her other relatives. If it is in Igbo land as her name implies, he would have spent a fortune buying everything on her wedding list. Then she’ll sit down and tweet at an ex-boyfriend, who probably dumped her; telling him: “I miss you, James Ndu” and Nigerian Twitter is okay with this? Nobody thought about how embarrassed Ngozi’s husband would feel seeing those trending tweets and how worthless the whole drama would have made him feel?

The average-brained Nigerian Twitter left the lady who should have been chastised for taking her misplaced feelings to a public platform and went after an innocent blogger who was only doing her job. One idiot even mentioned that by blogging the story, Linda had exposed the woman’s ‘secret’ to her husband’s relatives. Really?EMOTICON-LAUGHTER-TEARS

Some even went as far as taking a jab at Linda’s single status, insinuating that it was time she gave her mother grandchildren to play with. Don’t worry mumus…very soon…and she’ll be blogging about it too!

Even though James Ndu scammed the public for attention. This story is a social experiment to show how we as Nigerians have totally lost it. We’ve abandoned those norms and traditions which made us a people rich with culture; a people with an enviable system of traditional governance.

Since it is now acceptable for married woman to declare their undying love for their exes in public, please don’t crucify me if and when I holler at my ex-bobo of 25 years on Twitter. I pray he’ll be sitting on the couch watching TV while his wife is lovingly plucking out his grey hairs when they’ll both see his name trending on social media, because I just woke up that day and decided that I was missing him.

Nigerian Twitter, make sure you give me a trophy for my achievement. And I pray my hubby understands too.



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