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The Dinner Date [MUST READ]

DINNER DATE 1After reading this story, a Facebook user, Ken from Minnesota also shared his story:

“Before my grandpa lost all of his thoughts due to brain cancer, he asked me to look after my grandma. He wanted me to continue the Tuesday night date, when he and my grandma would go out on the town.

I continued this for years and did everything for her as it was his last wish for her to continue to be happy and cared for. And then on a Monday the day before she died she called me and said ‘you don’t have to come over on Tuesday.’

She said she had a dream that my grandfather said ‘I’ve been waiting for you and will you come be with me.’I thought she was getting all crazy on me until the next day she did everything she loved doing went to her tops meeting went bowling and mowed the lawn.

Unfortunately she had a massive heart attack and died. She did not suffer and she never told me she had a bad heart . But at her funeral I found out how much she enjoyed our Tuesdays and that she felt my grandfather was always around through me.

I miss her and him and I do the same for my dad. His wife has died also, so remember people. Take care of those that cared for you.”

When was the last time you checked up on your aged parents? Not just the occasional odd phone call but taking time out to visit and spend quality time with them?

I know for most of us Africans, it just comes naturally to do these things. But some of us are fast losing touch with this remarkable African value that we need to be reminded. We have always respected, worshipped and cared for our elders in Africa. So this yuletide season, make plans to see your parents. Give them a memorable gift by spending time with them.


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