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The Itsekiris Are To Wear Their Clothes Inside Out For 3 Months To Mourn Their King

OLU-NEW-7Warri Traditional Council of Chiefs officially announced the demise of Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwase 11 on Saturday, September 19 which laid to rest the controversy surrounding the death of the monarch.

Before the announcement, some rituals were performed. A chalk wrapped with red and black clothes was smashed on the ground three times to symbolise the demise of the monarch, and it was accompanied by 17 cannons shots.
The septuagenarian’s death threw anxiety among the people after the chiefs kept mum over the state of health of the monarch.
Addressing P.M News newsmen, Chief Yahya Pessu, member, Olu Advisory Council said the Itsekiri people would be in a mourning mood in the next three months till the burial rite was concluded.ITSEKIRI PEOPLE

Pessu said:

“All Itsekiri adults both male and female will put their clothes inside out throughout this period of mourning.

“No party, no drumming or merriment of any sort in Itsekiri land, until the burial is over and new Olu installed.”

Like how is this going to be possible? Will they wear their clothes inside out to work? Isn’t that kinda weird?

So if you see anyone from Warri wearing their clothes inside out for the next three months, they are not mad. They are simply mourning their king.

OLU OF WARRI-645x860The late Olu of Warri, Ogiame Atuwase 11

Ogiame Suo!!



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