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The Louisiana Pastor Was Shot To Death Because He Raped The Deacon’s Wife

DEAD PASTORLast week, I brought you the story of an American pastor in Louisiana, who was shot to death by his deacon in front of his entire congregation, while he was preaching. If you missed that story, read it HERE.

As at the time the report came out, Louisiana police were reluctant to divulge detailed information about the motive for the killing because the case was very sensitive and still under investigation.

But now, new information has been released to the media which throws light to why the deacon shot his pastor and later turned himself in, willingly to the police.

The deacon, Woodrow Karey shot Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr. because the pastor allegedly raped his wife. A Louisiana sheriff said that Karey had filed a rape complaint against the preacher two days before he was fatally shot. Calcasieu Parish Sheriff Tony Mancuso said investigators are trying to determine whether the deacon’s wife had a consensual relationship with the pastor or if she had been the victim of an assault. Mancuso told

“We are looking at the possibility of that as a motive.”

Mancuso added that authorities saw text messages exchanged between Woodrow Karey’s wife and Pastor Ronald J. Harris Sr., and hope obtaining more phone records will shed light on the relationship between the pair.

Karey entered the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center in Lake Charles, La., on the evening of Friday, September 27.. during a revival service and shot Pastor Harris with a shotgun.

After Harris fell from the first shot, Karey allegedly shot Harris again at close range before fleeing. This happened in front of over 60 congregants including the pastor’s wife. After which Karey fled on foot to the end of the street and then called the sheriff’s department to turn himself in. After deputies arrived, Karey showed them the shotgun allegedly used in the shooting in addition to a .22-caliber pistol that he had hidden in a wooded area. He was arrested without incident on a charge of second-degree murder and held on $1 million bail.

According to police Karey has no previous arrest record.



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