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“The Minute An Ashawo Realizes She Was Paid With Fake Dollars”…Buhari’s Campaign Selling Points

BUHARI-CHEERS-600x600Little was known about President Muhammadu Buhari’s private life after his brief rule as Nigeria’s Head Of State.

Many years later, he started to campaign vigourously to get back to being the number one man in the country and many times, he failed.

Inspired by this challenge of consistently losing his presidential bid, his campaign team cooked up 20 selling points to help him win the hearts and votes of the people.

Time and chance has indeed proven that many of these selling points were in fact, lies. Ena Ofugara recently reviewed this 20 points by quietly dropping them on his Facebook timeline.

The social critic and political observer wrote:

“The Minute An Ashawo Realizes She Was Paid With Fake Dollars… And She Allowed Him Access To The Other Hole Too. Cheiiii. Omatshe… Sorry Oh!”

Here are 20 of SOME of the selling points used in his campaign. Let’s also not forget the promise of making the naira equal to the dollar. Please take that as number 16.

I hope next time, Nigerians would not be so gullible.

1. His driver of 35 years is Igbo.‎

2. His cook of 30 years is Igbo.

3. His first daughter is married to an Anambra man.

4. He has just one mud house in his village.

5. His most regular food is fura, qunu and tuwo.

6. He receives only 10% of his entitlements.

7. He built 2 refineries.

8. He doesn’t have a house in Abuja.

9. His preferred holiday destination is Niger Republic.

10. He has only one car – an old Mercedes.

11. He has only one bank account – Union Bank.

12. He does not involve in anything corruption.

13. He was kind to Christian soldiers in the barracks.

14. All his children graduated from Nigerian universities.

15. He doesn’t undergo medical treatment abroad.

17. He is a man of modest means; hates flamboyance.

18. He is a detribalized Nigerian.

19. ‎His only investments are in agriculture.

20. He has only 150 cows.‎ena-buhari



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