The Stereotype Of Igbo People Having ‘Longer Throat’ For Money And Cheating People


IGBOS-2As a Nigerian, if an Igbo person is mentioned in a discussion or joke, the common thing you’ll hear is they are greedy for quick wealth, will stop at nothing to dupe you or are prone to applying mischief whenever they are dealing with a non-Igbo.

Sadly I used to join the bandwagon of the time-stamped “Igbo Wayo” mindset toward the Igbos until one day, I borrowed sense from God. It was as if an alien voice went off in my head and placed me on an interview that became an Eye-opener.

Who is your business partner? – Igbo
Who has formed the most solid and valuable friendships with you in all your years of existence? – Igbo
Who is your family doctor? – Igbo
Who is your stylist? – Igbo
Who is your cream supplier? – Igbo

At the end of the mental interview, I realised that I was surrounded by Igbo men and women who have added priceless value to my life in more ways than none.IGBOS-4I have NEVER…and I repeat NEVER met a single Igbo person who cheated me in business or treated me wrongly (apart from an asshole Igbo ex-boyfriend who could have come from any tribe in Nigeria anyway.)

Take Ifeanyi for example. I never met him in person, but he is my business partner who handles all the technical and financial aspects of my blog. The day my blog made $5,000 in one day, I could not sleep. I thought Ehen!…now this Igbo guy will run away with my money. But he took his percentage and paid in my complete money into my account. He also gives me sound financial advice like when or when not to convert currency. For years now, we’ve been doing clean, profitable and peaceful business together with no wahala. It was just last year, I finally met him briefly in person.

I have never met my cream lady Ify in person also. We do business online. She supplies the exact spec of cosmetics I ordered. Not only are her products top notch, she has solid business ethics and I’ve recommended tons of clients to her because of that.

My stylist, Eefsy Couture is a charming lady whose relationship has transcended beyond business to sisterhood. For clothing and fashion, she’s got my back. And my doctor, Joe Ibekwe is godsent.

Some of the most fantastic business ideas I got was through my association with the Igbo’s…you’ve got to give it to them when it comes to industry and commerce. They’ve been a blessing to me. Igbo kwenu!Ndigbo_igbo_ibo-800x442So anytime you see me waka pass your Igbo hate post, it’s because I have one principle I respect: I do not bite the finger that feeds me.

If you’ve had a bad business experience with any man or woman, call that particular person out and not their tribe. Don’t forget that we always attract what we give out. If you build your business and brand around integrity, God will cause men/women of greater integrity to come your way.

God bless Igbos and God bless Nigeria.

©2018 Peace Ben Williams


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