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The Warri Boy Who Almost Fell For Scammers



If you lived in Warri and was searching for a job, you’d totally relate to the story you’re about to read. I too was once scammed by a bunch of no-gooders who called themselves ‘Community Leaders’. Myself, my friend and my younger brother once paid N5,000 ( $30) each to register for a job in Chevron. Thank God, it was much money.

But this time, A guy named Tosag who shared his experience on Nairaland Forum was almost scammed yesterday of N55,000 ($327). Read his story below…

Tosag’s Story

Scammers have gone a step higher. To be honest, I almost fell for their tricks.

This morning I received a call from an unknown lady. From her voice, she must be in her late fourties. She called my name and asked if I was at home and I answered in the affirmative. She said she is Mrs Fregene and works in Chevron yard, Escravos and that one of my friends gave her my CV. She then asked if I have Chevron swimming passport, seaman’s passport and safety mandatory certificate. I replied no.

She said she was asking because she had successfully convinced one of the manager to include my name for a job that would last 4 years (4 yrs contract). She went further to say that if I dont have them, she can link me up with the safety manager in Chevron yard warri- a lady called Mrs Vera Ofili to assist me in getting those documents and that the company charges N55000 for the three documents. She then texted the lady’s number to me and asked me to call her. She urged me to be fast because we would be leaving for work this coming saturday and that I would miss the chance if I dont have those documents.

I called the lady (Mrs vera Ofili) who confirmed that one of their staff at Escravos had told her about me. She said she would make sure I get the documents and that I should pay N55000 into the company’s safety account and come to her office at chevron yard warri with the bank teller.

Now, what got me suspicious was the fact that if any of my friends gave out my CV and something is in the pipeline, they would be aware and thus alert me. So I called the first lady and asked her which of my friends gave her my CV. She then feigned annoyance and threatened to stop helping me and I apologised.

What really convinced me that they are scammers was when the so-called Mrs. Ofili sent me the safety account number. It was a personal account number bearing the name, Mr Salisu Johnson, Fidelity Bank account number 6235451016.

I then pretended that I have paid and they called me to confirm. I just okayed the call and put it near my home theatre speaker. That was how they got the message that I knew their plan.

I will put their numbers here so that people can learn from my experience. Mrs Ofili 08024244399 and Mrs Fregene 07084951220.

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