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There Was Really Trouble In Paradise…Toyin Aimakhu’s Hubby Messed Up [DETAILS]

TOYIN-1So we guessed right after all. There was indeed trouble in the marriage of Yoruba actress, Toyin Aimakhu and her hubby, Adeniyi Johnson.

A few days after Toyin deleted her husband’s name from her Instagram account and deleted some of  his photos, Niyi took to instagram to take the blame, saying the issues they are currently facing is his fault.

Niyi wrote:

“To clear the air of the recent happenings… I ADENIYI JOHNSON is at fault and not my wife… she reacted according to her pains and we all have different ways of reactions… I beg everyone to pls stop throwing banters and insults… u can channel all anger and greiveances towards me and not her…. instead of abuses I would rather BEG u to join me in apologising to my darling, lovely and adorable wife… OLUTOYIN I’M DEEPLY SORRY PLEASE….. I promise to make things right…. I Don’t want a broken home…..#shecaughtmeflirting #dirtychat@aimakhutoyin

Ahhhhhh…”dirty chat” ke? Oma se o!!!

Hmmm…I salute his courage at making his mess up public. If not for anything it proves that he values his marriage so much that he can endure public shame to prove it. Who am I to judge?

Oga Niyi, I’ll tell Toyin to forgive you but first…let me suggest a punishment for you. Toyin open the mosquito net in his bedroom window to invite as many mosquitoes in as possible. Then lock him in to sleep the night in there. You move out and sleep in the guest room.

When next those homewreckers come to tempt him for a chat, he’ll remember his night in ‘Mosquito Republic’ and tell them, “ejoor ooo!…ema binu…” An old Mama from Warri once taught me this trick and it works.

After that, Toyin can welcome Niyi and his mosquito bitten flesh into her arms. Best of luck to you two and one love.

TOYIN-2Niyi also made his wife his ‘Woman Crush Wednesday’ on Instagram today…all to soften her heart.TOYIN-3Toyin and her husband Niyi in happier times.

What God has joined together…



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