THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!!! Lion That Escaped Jos Zoo Killed & Eaten For Meat!


LION JOS-719x462Human Beings are the most dangerous species on earth. The way we are quick to kill, shed blood and degrade our environment without a careful thought or prick of conscience is what is wrong with all the terrible evil in the world today.

Early on Wednesday morning, December 2, a lion escaped from a wild life park in Jos, Plateau State,  Nigeria. The escape of the lion caused panic in the town as many residents stayed indoors for fear of being attacked.

Docars Gwani, a resident at the federal low cost housing estate near the park, said they were afraid that the animal could attack anyone.

The general manager of the park, John Doy, had said the lion, which had been kept since 1972, “slipped through the gate of the cage when it was opened for its routine feeding.” He had warned:

“The animal is still within the vicinity of the park but our fear is that the park is not fenced.”

When I read the news about the lion’s escape, I was like “Wow, how careless!” But then I thought the zoo officials would follow the routine procedure of hunting down the lion with tranquilizer guns and bringing it safely back to the zoo.LION JOS-2-4539x720This didn’t happen. The lion has now been killed and as you read this is being skinned and eaten as meat, although the lion did not harm anyone as speculated.

According to PREMIUM TIMES, an official of the Plateau State Ministry of Tourism, in charge of the park, Abdullahi Abe, confirmed the animal was shot dead with live ammunition.

Abe claimed the body of the lion would be taken to the National Veterinary Research Institute, Vom, Jos south Local Government Area the state, for preservation.

A police spokesperson, Abuh Emmanuel, said officers had hoped to recover the lion alive. Abuh told PREMIUM TIMES:

“We had dispatched our men with experts in search of the lion with the intention to recover the animal alive.”

This act is so disgraceful for a country like Nigeria that claims to be civilized. What “experts” is Abuh talking about? The ones who rejoice at killing and eating lion meat?…a beast that is very near extinction? Experts with no tranquilizer guns and no knowledge of applying best practices? The body of the lion was even put in a wheelbarrow!… Not even a vehicle for conveying such animals.LION JOS-3-420x471I can just imagine the expression on the faces of foreigners while they follow this story…from the ‘unfenced park’ to the eating of the lion.

I sincerely demand that those officials involved be brought to book. But sadly, I know nothing will be done to stop this madness. People will still hunt down and kill this grand beast for pleasure and for food. Just like Cecil and his brother Jericho.

One day, we will have a hard time convincing our grandchildren that lions once walked the face of the earth. Just like the Quagga, they’ll be viewed like myth-like creatures because our hearts were too evil and greedy to appreciate the beauty of nature to leave it just as the Creator made it.

A leopard got its head stuck in a pot in an Indian village for 6 hours. Watch this video to see how the villagers handled the situation.

This is what the idiots in Jos could have done. I rest my case.

Video Credit: The Telegraph UK/Facebook



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