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“This Is Not Feminism”- Piers Morgan Blasts Amber Rose Over Nude Photo

amber rose-stripped-2So Amber Rose posted the extremely raunchy photo to Instagram – which shows her reclining on a staircase with no knickers on. But it was removed by Instagram within two hours.

Responding to the shocking nude photo posted online, Piers Morgan told her to ‘put it away luv’. Morgan also tweeted,

“This is not feminism. It’s attentionseekingism.

In a series of Twitter posts, the conversation became increasingly playful between the pair, with Amber taking a flirty approach with the broadcast journalist, although it was all simply banter.

When Piers compared Amber’s semi-nude shoot to pornography, Amber hit back: ‘Pornography? u seem like the type of guy 2 use porn at ur convenience when ur lonely & horny then down pornstars after.’ [sic]

Piers replied: ‘You seem like the type of girl who’d star in it’.

The conversation then took an unexpected turn, as Amber typed back: ‘Oh @piersmorgan if I had u in front of me right now I would have you eating out of the palm of my hand you dirty boy’.

Piers cheekily wrote back: ‘So long as it’s just your hand, I’m prepared to risk it.’piers morgan-amber rose-tweet

Flirty: The Twitter conversation took a flirtatious turn between the pair 

Amber then stepped things up a notch, writing: ‘You love strong women @piersmorgan I would make u my little submissive b***h & u would love every second of it I can see right through u’.

Piers responded: ‘Well, there’s a first time for everything Ms Rose.’

He cheekily added: ‘My worry would be you’d want to live-stream it to Instagram to “promote feminism”.’

‘Apologies if I’ve been a little blunt, @DaRealAmberRose – but I don’t like to beat around the bush’.

Amber then hit back with a brash comment, which Piers was quick to put out, writing: ‘Well that escalated quickly… Shall we have a cup of tea instead & discuss where you’re going wrong re feminism?’

Whoops: Piers was quick to put out the conversation when it took a raunchy turn
 ‘Have me on your show or you can come on mine so we can really hash this out @piersmorgan no love lost. You’re entitled to your opinion,’ she typed.

Piers was quick to confirm he’d love to have it out with her on the GMB sofa and also took a dig at Lady Gaga.

He wrote back: ‘Done. I’ll get my people to talk to your people. Just don’t bottle it like @ladygaga.’



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