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This Japanese ‘Folding’ Car could solve parking space problems

As there were no existing mechanisms for a folding car chassis, Four Link developed special motors and other components from scratchFinding a parking space may soon become much easier thanks to a car manufactured in Japan that can fold itself up and squeeze into small spaces, as Stuart McDill reports.

The £52,000 ($70,000) concept vehicle called ‘Earth-1’, was modelled after transforming robots and is expected to gain approval to run on public roads soon, opening the way to public sales.While the car is driven via a conventional steering wheel, users transform the chassis with a joystick (pictured)

Four Link first stated its goal of developing an electric car five years ago, claiming its aim was to 'beat a Toyota'The vehicle's compact chassis is capable of folding itself up, creating something akin to one of Mobile Suit Gundam's 'mecha' robot cockpits

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Credit: Reuters | Guardian TV



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