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This Naija Definition Of ‘Whistle Blower’ Will Blow You Away With Laughter

whistle blower-naija definitionLately, there has been a lot of recovery of looted funds in Nigeria, thanks to whistle blowers who showed EFCC officials just where to look.

Since then, a lot of people have considered taking up whistle blowing as a full time job.whistle blower-cartoon-8whistle blower-cartoonAnd with any job comes a job description…and perhaps definition? The Nigerian definition for whistle blower…

“Whistle blowers are relatives, staff or friends of the blowee, who did not feel any blow when the blowee was blowing cash around.”

So the blower blew the whistle so that the blowee could be blown into jail.whistle blower-cartoon-7By now, I’m very sure some stingy blowees are shaking in their pants knowing full well that they have many blowers waiting to blow their money-blowing covers…whistle blower-cartoon-5whistle blower-cartoon-9With every job comes the risk. Same with whistle blowing…whistle blower-cartoon-3whistle blower-cartoon-4So dear whistle blowers, be careful on the job. Try to stay anonymous and protect yourselves from the ill wind that blows nobody any good.



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