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This Tribal Kenyan Man Wants To Marry President Obama’s Daughter, Malia Obama [MUST WATCH VIDEO]

OBAMA-JEFF-1Jeff ole Kishau is a youngman from the Maasai tribe of Kenya.

He travelled all the way from his village in the Suswa County to the capital city of Nairobi to present an important proposal to President Barack Obama who recently visited the East African country.

Why did ole Kishau travel over 120 kilometres…a two hour-forty five minutes trip…just to wait and see the American president?

He wanted to ask the president’s permission for Malia Obama‘s hand in marriage!!

Ole Kishau was expecting that President Obama would make the visit with his eldest daughter, but was left sorely disappointed that Obama didn’t come with Malia.

The ambitious suitor had come to Nairobi well prepared with a sizable number of his tribesmen and women all gaily dressed. Most importantly he came with a dowry of 500 herds of cattle to present to Obama as Malia’s bride price. He also came with a gourd of milk to bless the marriage and a spear to protect Malia from the lions.

The Maasai tribe speak the Maa language as their local dialect, as well as the country’s official languages of English and Swahili. I don’t understand Maa or Swahili, but somewhere in the video I think he said, if Obama became the president of America by encouraging everyone to believe “Yes we can” then he too believes his proposal will be accepted by believing, “Yes I can.” Lol…what an ambitious young fella!

If you haven’t fallen off your seat laughing by now, please scroll way down to watch the video…

The ambitious and brave suitor, Jeff ole Kishau…OBAMA-JEFF-2 OBAMA-JEFF-3OBAMA-JEFF-6His gaily dressed relatives…OBAMA-JEFF-5 OBAMA-JEFF-4OBAMA-JEFF-7And they came well prepared, with a spear…OBAMA-JEFF-8A gourd of milk…OBAMA-JEFF-9And an offer of 500 herds of cattle…that’s some major wealth!OBAMA-JEFF-10

Watch the video…

I wonder what Obama thinks about this?OBAMA-LOL

Source: K24 News, Kenya



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