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This Woman Shared Photos Of Her Before & After Having Sex With Her Boyfriend [PHOTOS]

NUDES-LEAKED-1The gist going round is that the woman in this photo shared images of her before she had sex with her boyfriend and after. She reportedly captured it, “Best Feelings.”

I’ve searched everywhere with no confirmation about which online platform she shared these images. I’d like to think no sane woman would want nude after-sex photos of her flying round the internet.

This looks very much like revenge porn to me. Ladies, how many times will we sound this warning:


You can see the hand of the man taking these photos, but not the man. He has hidden his identity but ruined the woman’s reputation.

I can’t post the rest of the photos on my blog because it’s too vulgar. But if you care to see it, click on the links below…

To see photo 2, click HERE

To see photo 3, click HERE

To see photo 4, click HERE

To see photo 5, click HERE



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  1. Sex always attracts people’s attention. But such sharing destroys people’s sense of shame. Then the world will become a much more immoral place in the future.

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