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Throwback Photo Of Buhari & Ojukwu Protesting Against Obasanjo Government Sparks Heated Debate Online

BUHARI-OJUKWU-PROTESTA throwback photo of late Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu walking side by side Nigerian President Muhammdu Buhari during a peaceful protest has surfaced online amidst a heated debate.

The protest took place at the time when former President Olusegun Obasanjo was the democratically elected president. The Biafran warlord united with the General to protest about the Obasanjo-led government.

A veteran journalist and writer, Azuka Onwuka fished out this photo and posted it on his Facebook page in the wake of the arrest of Radio Biafra founder, Nnamdi Kanu and the subsequent protests from Biafrans concerning his arrest.

Onwuka who is also a social commentator and public affairs analyst wrote on his page:

“Guess what Ojukwu, Buhari and co are doing in this picture? Street protest. How time flies! I dey laugh.

They were embarking on a street protest against the impunity of the government of Obasanjo. Today it is declared a crime to peacefully demonstrate. Even very educated people justify it. Diaris God u oo!”

Some Nigerians who saw the post reacted thus…

“Street protest for good governance not for break up of the federation. Don’t twist the facts ok,this shows you that even Ojukwu believed in one Nigeria.”

“Azuka, let the movers and shakers of Igbo politics lead the line like that picture depicts before I take u serious on the Biafra issue.”

If you are basing your judgement on this pix in comparison to what your biafran folks are doing you are not being fair. Did these elder statemen disturb public peace?did they go about daring the govt of the day?did they carry any harmful weapon? Did they use vulgar languages against constituted govt as seen today?
No one is standing in their way. Let them organise themselves and present a strong statement to the nigerian govt.

“Did they disturb public peace or block the major roads in their protest?”

“Protest is protest as long as three is an interest or motive for which the protest is been done, what has your so called Nigeria offered any young futured youth, Nigeria a country where old witches who don’t even know how to use a typewriter with their outdated brain keep oppressing the young ones. They should let Biafra go….!!!”

What’s your own take on this, my people?



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