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TODAY’S STORY…A Twisted View Of Marriage

man washingPeople will see a man washing his clothes and instead of minding their business, they will say,

“Ahh Oga Ejike, go and marry so you will stop washing”.

They will see a man cooking and be like,

“Bro Ade, you need to get married so you can stop cooking”.

A mother will look at his 35 years old son who cannot wash his own boxers, boil water for tea or even make his own bed, a 35 years old that cannot take his plates to the kitchen after eating and tell him,

“James, you need to settle down, get a woman to take care of you”.

SERIOUSLY?? In different ways, the society subconsciously tell men that they don’t marry women for any reason other than cleaning, cooking and childbearing. I begin to wonder, does the average man need a wife or a glorified maid?man cooking-getty imagesMany women look three times their age all because of stress and exhaustion. That is why 98% of men today will easily cheat on their wife with a younger and fresh girl. You sit down in front of the TV with your phone and watch your wife work until she is about to pass out. REALLY??

Men, who told you that it is wrong to wash your own plates?
Who told you that it is wrong to wash your own clothes?
Who told you that it is wrong to dress your bed when you wake up?
What will it take to help your partner with chores in the house?

If a man wanted to be adopted as a child to be pet, pampered, fed and nursed. Then, he need not to seek marriage, he should rather offer himself up for an adoption at a motherless home to be pick up.marriage-cvBUT If you want a wife, who you would love, cherish, do different things with, assist in some chores, and love her for the rest of your life, then get married.

AND if you are getting married because you feel you are becoming too old to do your own chores then get a maid.
Women are to be cherished, pampered and loved, not USED. Likewise men too.




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