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Toke Makinwa Has Replied Her Husband’s Cryptic Instagram Message

TOKE-EMERALD GOWN-PBWB-600x600Few hours ago I posted a message Maje Ayida shared on his Instagram page. If you missed it, click HERE.

His message was supposedly aimed at it wife, Toke Makinwa and was possibly referring to her inablilty to forgive him for cheating on her, an affair that recently led to the birth of a son by his mistress.

The way Toke has handled this scandal ever since it was made public has been remarkably impressive. She has been silent in her response to all the gossip; carrying on with her life pretty normal and not breaking down in the public eye.

But some hours ago, not long after her husband posted his cryptic message, Toke also shared her own Instagram quote…a possible reply to her cheating husband.

Here’s what she posted…

The quote look pretty normal and unassuming, until you read how she captioned it. Here’s the caption she wrote beside the quote:

They meant it for evil but GOD turned even that which they plotted around to bless you.

If Judas knew what would happen after, he would not have betrayed Christ.

Stop looking for an opportunity to get even. Open your eyes, it’s all worked in your favour.

To bring you here, to take you beyond here and to make you a better version of YOU.


TOKE-REPLY TO MAJEWhen you finish reading her caption, you’ll discover some cryptic messages in there. Let me dissect it…

  • Her husband cheated on her knowing very well the consequences of his actions would hurt her, but God has turned it around for her good as he promised all his children (Rm. 8:28).

  • She is not looking for an opportunity to get even, as she is wise enough to understand that trials come her way to make her a better person.

  • She’s too wise to hold on to a grudge and bigger than dwelling in unforgiveness.

    Toke and her husband, Maje Ayida

Deep…very deep. Hang in there, sis.

My prayers are for more divine strength to the couple in this trying time. I sincerely hope that lessons have been learnt.

Image Credit: Toke Makinwa/Instagram



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