Toke Makinwa Says Nigerian Accent Is “Savage” [WATCH THE VIDEO]


TOKE-MAJESince yesterday, after watching the video of  Toke Makinwa‘s Igroove radio interview, I’ve pondered a lot about it…especially from what angle to tackle my analysis from.

Toke recently sat for an interview with the Genevieve Magazine Show on Igroove Radio. She was asked a number of questions; from her relationship with her man of 8 years, Maje Ayida to her accent and skin bleaching.

It pains me to say this, because Toke is one Nigerian lady I admire from watching her Vlogs. But after watching her Igroove interview, I’m compelled to change my mind and say I’m utterly disappointed at her. And here’s why:

According to reports from other blogs, the On-Air-Personality recently hinted through a tweet that she’d love an engagement ring from her long-time boyfriend soon after Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian and Future also proposed to Ciara.

TOKE-TWEETBut when asked about her relationship with Maje Ayida and what was keeping her from tying the knot with her beau,  Toke said:

“We’ve been together on/off for about eight years. We got engaged this year. And we were supposed to get married this year as well but I think it’s the scheduling. Our schedules gotten so busy. Everyone says to me, just do it already. We map out some time to plan and then we get carried away.”

The interviewer, Liz Yemoja said there was a lot of speculation about Toke’s accent…if it was British or American. Also, judging from the fact that Toke spent just one year in the UK, how come she was maintaining a British accent?

Toke said she had to maintain her British accent because while there, she had to go out and look for jobs. Then, wait for this…Toke asked:

“Or do you expect me to sound like a savage?”

Ermmmm…I’m speechless here. Toke is Nigerian…from the Yoruba tribe. Which means her natural-born accent is Nigerian. If she switches her accent between British and American in order to get “good jobs,” then it means the accent she’s so desperately trying to hide so as not to sound like a savage is our Nigerian accent.

Wait ooo, Toke…you well so? Nigerian accent…SAVAGE???!!

Toke is a clear example of what’s wrong with our country. It’s not only the leadership alone ruining the Nigeria, it’s the citizenry as well. A lot have chosen to see everything that’s wrong about Nigeria and given up on the country in their hearts, thereby killing Nigeria before it had the chance to display it’s true beauty in all it’s glory.

Pray tell me, WHAT’S WRONG WITH HAVING A NIGERIAN ACCENT? If God Almighty took time to bless one country with land, rich vegetation, crude oil, solid minerals, rich food, culture and tradition; do you think He (God) didn’t see the potentials Nigeria possesses? A potential that people like Toke are incapable of projecting?

Even Nigerians who have lived half their lives abroad no do this kind Toke shakara of  only one year in the UK. By calling over 163 million Nigerians inferior, Toke has earned one label for herself, F.A.K.E!! Yes, a fake woman with slave mentality. For me, Toke’s careless statement is far more insulting and degrading to Nigeria than American senator, Ted Cruz’s remark about Nigerian scammers. Toke owes Nigeria a heart-felt apology.

As for her prolonged phantom engagement to Maje Ayida, all I can say is this…( this November will make me 15 years in marriage so I know what I’m saying)…GET REAL. Any man who really wants to marry a woman is more than eager to get it over with. If they can’t find time now to plan a wedding because of their busy schedules according to Toke, then how would they find time to be man and wife after they get married? They’ll probably be too busy to bond, grow in love each day or even to make a baby.

Toke can only fool those who haven’t walked that path before. For those who have gone through dating, engagement, marriage and raising a family…y’all know what I’m saying. *wink*

In all, her relationship with Maje is her private business. I pray all works out for her good in the end. And I pray her fakeness is just for the gallery…to gain media attention. If the vibe she’s sending out to the public is the same vibe Maje is seeing in private, then it’s enough for the guy to develop cold feet…no scratch that…ICE COLD FEET.

Watch the Igroove radio interview…


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