Toke’s Husband, Maje Ayida Is Giving Lucifer A Run For His Money!! [MY DEEVANALYSIS]


TOKE-MAJE-399x600Last night Nigerian Twitter went haywire after the news broke of Toke Makinwa‘s husband, Maje Ayida getting his Calabar side chick pregnant.

 According to reports, Maje was dating his side chick, Anita Solomon who is Half Lebanese and half Calabar for 8 years. He broke up with Anita briefly just before marrying radio/TV personality, Toke.

 Shortly after his wedding, the fitness mogul started making trips to Calabar to sleep with his mistress who is a lawyer and runs a beauty salon in Calabar. Anita’s multi million naira salon I hear is solely financed by Maje.

 Meanwhile, Toke his wife has hinted before now her desire to have a baby but Maje succeeded in knocking his girlfriend up before impregnating his wife. Now Anita we here is in the UK to birth the baby and Maje has allegedly confessed his sin to his wife, begging for her forgiveness.

ANITA SOLOMON 2Anita Solomon

This story smells so bad that I can’t even believe that bald headed Delta boy had the nerve to play his wife like that! If most Nigerians had the chance, they’s turn cannibal on him, pluck out his eyes and chew it like those goat eyes in an isiewu dish. The reason is because he dated Toke for 12 good years without giving the lady any sign that he intended to put a ring on her finger. Now we know why he was dragging his hobbit feet! Because he was dating  Toke and Anita at the same time and probably doing ‘Tubutubu’ in his mind on which of them to marry.
Haba!!! Who needs to be introduced to Lucifer a.k.a. Satan, when we see Maje Ayida has succeeded in giving our ancient nemesis a run for his money? How can one man be so thoughtlessly wicked? I said it before, ladies say no to long term dating. Any guy who does it is not a serious person.
One Nigerian commented:


“Omg! Omg! Omg! Toke the lover geh…..always posting stories that touch about this her coconut headed boo. Madam career woman! Always jumping from one party and event to another forgetting beauty, class and money isn’t everything…..Pele….this must be heartbreaking for you.

As for this oloriburuku somebody called Maje, you should be ashamed of yourself! As black and ugly as you are, you should have been worshiping the ground your wife walks on but you decided to cheat with this mgbeke looking ashawo!

Madam baby mama welldone o! He dumped you to get married and you still went back and opened your legs kwa…..shameless homebreaker!

I’m so angry…..Cases dey for God to judge sha on that last day! Mtchewwwww.”

This commenter is so right but let’s not bash Toke for having a glamorous job. She’s only pursuing her career and that is certainly not the reason her husband is an animal.

ANITA SOLOMONMaje’s mistress, Anita Solomon is now pregnant and in the UK to birth the baby

I leave you with tweets from Nigerians…TOKE TWT-1 TOKE TWT-2 TOKE TWT-3 TOKE TWT-4 TOKE TWT-5


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  1. Ekaete says:

    The thing nor gimme talking mouth o. Don’t even know what to say. But I know adulterers and whoremongers God will judge so says the Holy Book.

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