Tokunbo Fabiyi Opens Up On Dino Melaye’s Side Chicks As He Declares His Intention To Run For Senate


Former House of Reps member for Kogi State, Dino Melaye recently declared his intention to run for the office of a Senator in the 2015 general elections. This was what he said:

“My plan for 2015 is that by the grace of God I will be running for the Senate. My posters are already out. I have almost rounded off my consultations. And by the grace of God I’m going to run  to win to represent Kogi West Senatorial District in 2015.”

In the mean time, his estranged wife, Tokunbo Fabiyi took to Twitter vowing never to keep silent any more about the sufferings she went through in Dino’s hands as his wife. She opened up about their on-going divorce, the child custody battle and even about some of Dino’s side chicks who sent him their nude photos.

Read her tweets below…


1. It’s only in Nigeria that you’ll find a certified woman beater and a brazen womaniser who proudly parades himself as an anti-corruption activist. Now he feels he’s qualified to become a senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria? Tufiakwa!! It’s not my Nigeria. That man shouldn’t even be given a ticket. He cannot control the affairs of his home and he thinks he can be a country’s leader?He is bad news.

2. My second point is addressed to Tokunbo. I know somehow, you’ll get to read this. A lot of Nigerians are divided on whether to pity you or not.

From one married woman to another, I’m going to give it to you straight. You did wrong when you publicly declared support for your husband over what he did to Yoruba actress, Bisi Ibidapo-Obe . Though you’ve explained that you were forced by Dino to write those things, I haven’t also read about you also publicly re-addressing the matter; maybe a possible open apology to Bisi after you left your ex-husband’s control.

Having said that, you have my sympathies for being molested and humiliated by a man you loved and showed loyalty. No woman deserves to go through what you went through. You have every right to feel bitter, especially as you claim that he prevents you from seeing the kids.

But please, I want to beg you, stop the Twitter rants. I can assure you that I’m a zero percent fan of Dino Melaye and really don’t care if his name is dragged to the mud but I care about the children…your 3 kids who bear his name. The media and bloggers will stalk your timeline to hear what you have to say. People will prompt you just to hear you spill more secrets. At the end of the day, they tell their own versions of YOUR STORY on your blog, draw traffic, people read, post mean comments and then what?

It will never give you any sense of closure, trust me. It will only take you through the vicious cycle pain, bitterness and unforgiveness. By doing so, you’ve given Dino the power to take away your inner peace. Never give him that power. Move on. Get a good lawyer to fight and win the custody of your children. That it seems is the only good thing that came out of your marriage to Dino so you deserve to win.

Leave the public out of your life. You need time to retreat, heal and bounce back. How many of this concerned public take time out to pray for you? How many of them pray for God to give you the inner strength and wisdom to overcome this difficult phase of your life? Everything you need to overcome has already been placed in your hands. Your help comes from God alone (Psalm 121, verse 2) and Apostle Paul had prayed for God to give you the gift of “inner strength and power”. Read Ephesians 3:16. You really don’t need all that Twitter drama to becloud your life.

The children deserve to have a healthy relationship with their father whether he’s a sinner or saint. To achieve that will depend on what sort of orientation you give them. With your present mindset, I doubt how that can happen. That is many why Dino doesn’t want you near the kids, because he knows you could ‘indoctrinate’ them and win your their young hearts to love you and hate their dad.

So you need to get your act together, forgive Dino, stop exposing his dark secrets on social media and put your painful past behind you. I know you can do it. I’m rooting for you and I wish you all the best.

3. Back to you, Mr Senator wannabe. How shameless can you be? Why won’t you let this poor woman see her children? You may think you’re punishing Tokunbo,  but you’re punishing those children more than you know. They deserve the warmth of their mother. Even nature destined it to be so. Right now, Mr. Melaye, your public image stinks more than my baby’s loaded diaper. If you settled this matter of child custody more amicably with your wives, people may just decide to peg their noses and go out to vote for you on that day.


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