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Tragedy Hits Evangelist Helen Ukpabio Again

Evangelist Helen Ukpabio

It is yet another tragedy added to the previous strings of tragedies for renowned evangelist and Nigerian movie producer, Helen Ukpabio.

On March 25, 2012, three of her brothers- Charles, Joseph and Emmanuel were murdered in cold blood in front of their aged mother, Atim Ukpabio. They were murdered by a gang of men believed to be from the Nigerian police and the State Security Service (SSS). The police claimed that the brothers were terrorists and kidnappers.

Recently, Evangelist Helen’s mother, Mrs. Atim Ukpabio, 72 passed on. The late Mrs. Ukpabio allegedly died from shock and the heartbreak of witnessing the gruesome murder of her sons. According to reports, the aged woman never fully recovered from the incident, said to have been committed within the family compound.

If you followed the story when it first broke, it was alleged that the police hit the old woman hard with a baton, when she protested the torture of her sons and tried preventing the police from killing them. She was said to have died with one plea: “Get justice for my children.”

Another member of the family, identified as Elizabeth, Evangelist Helen’s younger sister was also said to have collapsed and died upon receiving the news of her brothers’ death. The young men were said to have been shot at close range in spite of pleas from relatives who were made to watch the bizarre event.

In an interview Ukpabio granted an online platform, she said, “Yes, they are my brothers from the same parents. The lady is also my sister. They were wrongly accused of a crime they didn’t commit. The police took laws into their hands and killed them before they even had a chance to defend themselves. “We are already pressing charges, and my only surviving brother, Henry, a businessman abroad, is the one representing the family’s position. They were killed right in front of their mother, even as she was protesting on their behalf, after they had already been shot in the legs to cripple them. That was exactly on the 25th of March, 2012.”




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