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TRIBUTE | As Justice Omo-Agege Joins The Ancestors

JUSTICE OMO-AGEGE-540x960Nobody over 35 who grew up in and around then Bendel State can forget the trial of the notorious Lawrence Anini, Monday Osunbor and DSP George Iyanmu.

Anini was the scourge of the police, killing many on his many heists. Policemen hid their uniforms upon rumours that Lawrence Anini was on his way. He was the Robin Hood of Edo State, spraying stolen money to the poor after every robbery he leads. His second in command, Monday Osunbor was a blood-thirsty individual. And the police who should be hunting him down, one Iyanmu, was helping him with guns and information.

And like many Bini men, Anini was a skillful driver. Even when the police chased him, his Formula 1 style of driving allowed him evade them. And yes, his villagers helped to hide him from the law.

But no thief escapes forever, not when you are a cop-killer. So when he was caught and leg shot and amputated, Lawrence Anini was brought before a judge. The Judge? Justice James Omo-Agege, the revered Olokun worshipper. The judge that fears no one. The judge that instills fear on all before him.

So that day, as we all sat, hurdled in front of the TV, watching the 7 O’clock NTA Benin News, we all held our breaths waiting for judgement on Anini. Will the powerful Iyanmu family be able to save a corrupt cop? Will Anini be sent to life imprisonment? After all he had begged for his life and cooperated with the police.

The gavel came down. Judge Dredd was about to give judgement.

Justice Omo-Agege: Anini

Anini: Sir,

Justice Omo Agege: You are sentenced to DEATH

Monday Osunbor had shown he was the tough guy. He had no remorse. He was Himmler to Anini’s Hitler status. He will not call Justice Omo Agege “Sir”. No way!!!

Justice Omo Agege: Monday Osunbor

Monday Osunbor: Sir

Justice Omo Agege: You are sentenced to DEATH!!!

And then to Iyanmu. Surely he would show mercy. Iyanmu is a big Benin family. Moreover, he did not kill anyone. He merely provided guns and information. In fact, it was he who ordered that Anini be caught and killed, not knowing Anini would surrender and confess him.

Justice Omo-Agege: Iyanmu

Iyanmu: Sir

Justice Omo Agege: You are sentenced to DEATH

And so he handed death sentences to all involved in that robbery. In very clear terms, he showed the judiciary was not going to condone armed robbery or violence. Sanctity of life you say? Not when you do not respect the sanctity of life of others.

And so was Bendel State, now Edo and Delta, rid of the worst elements. And indeed there was an era of peace.

The same steel and resolve runs in his second son, Sen. Ovie Omo-Agege. The way he was able to fight to the end and remove our leader, the Great Ighoyota Amori from his seat as Senator is one of the wonders of our political process. JUSTICE OMO-AGEGE-540x533I got to know one of the Justice’s grand-daughters here in Texas and I saw a video of the Justice playing with her. I told her “Shooo, Americana, is it the great Justice that you are videoing and holding like this and making laugh?” She looked at me in wonderment as she saw the awe with which I was staring at her grandfather.

I never knew JUDGE DREDD could smile and play as he did in those videos. Even now as I join all Orogun, Urhobo, Delta and Nigeria to mourn his passing, the image of him that I have is not the tough “ANINI YOU ARE SENTENCED TO DEATH” but the one of an old man enjoying the warmth and love of children and grandchildren and smiling, knowing he had done his part in bringing law and order and justice among God’s children.

Yes! He has done his part and now, he must join the ancestors and receive the blessings and rewards of an after-life according to the dictates of the religion he practised so well and true.

Goodnight SIR!!!


Tribute Written By: Ena Ofugara/Facebook



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