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Tweet Fight Of Life: Nigerians & Kenyans Massacre Each Other On Twitter In #SomeoneTellNigeria Vs #SomeoneTellKenya


Since yesterday, Nigeria and Kenya have been engaging in a Twitter exchange and it’s hard to tell who is winning!

The news of how badly the Kenyan football team, Harambee Stars were treated when they arrived Nigeria got back to their countrymen. Naturally, they became upset and lashed back at Nigerians on Twitter to protest the ill treatment. The Kenyan football team are currently in Nigeria to play a World Cup qualifying game against the Super Eagles on Saturday. 

According to news reports, the NFF checked them into a 2-star hotel with no security and made the Kenyan team train at Oshodi primary school instead of a refined football field.

The reports further revealed that they received a poor welcome at the airport on Wednesday, and were also told that they had missed their flight to Calabar where the match is scheduled to hold tomorrow.

By midnight yesterday, #SomeoneTellKenya and #SomeoneTellNigeria was still trending worldwide with tweets coming in from Asia, the US, UK and across Africa.

As the battle raged on today, some Kenyans sheathed their swords for a while to tweet their condolences to Nigeria on the loss of their legendary literary icon, Prof Chinua Achebe. The Kenyans agreed that Achebe was a great man. After that, the tweet fight continued. Don’t you just love Africa?

Read some of the best tweets below and decide who won the tweet fight.

See all the tweets below

TF 1 TF 2


TF 3 TF 4 TF 6 TF 8 TF 9 TF 9 TF 10 TF 11 TF 13 TF 14 TF 15 TF 16




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