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TWO FIGHTING!! Stella Dimokokorkus Attacks Emmy Collins On Twitter For Calling Her Blog “Poor”

EMMY COLLINS-SDKSo I was taking a stroll on Twitter yesterday evening when I read a conversation celebrity designer/blogger, Emmy Collins had with someone.

This ‘someone’ who uses the Twitter handle @CVIZIER, had sent Emmy a link to a story on Stella Dimokokorkus‘ blog. The story was about an interview Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim had with PUNCH; and what she said about light-skinned and bi-racial people getting more attention and favours as compared to dark-skinned Africans.

For those who know Emmy, we know he’s a strong advocate against skin bleaching and will not fail to call you out if he least suspects you are what he calls a “member of Bleachers Inc.” So Emmy checks the story out but it turns out he was more interested in the quality of the blog he was referred to. So he tweeted this back at his referrer. See the tweets below…

EMMY COLLINS-SDK-TWEETSAnd for those who know Stella Dimokokorkus, we know she can never take a cuss lying low. She came at Emmy like a wounded tiger; even using the now cliché  *yawns* gay cuss on Emmy…

EMMY COLLINS-SDK-TWEETS 2By the way, here’s the correct version of Emmy’s last tweet:

@SDimokoKORKUS You are blocked now so rave like the made [MAD] woman u are but to yourself hahahaha byeee.”

It took me a few minutes to figure he meant to say *Mad*.

Lol! These two get bad mouth sha. Had Emmy not decided to break up the Twitter exchange by blocking her, you guys would have been sure of getting the best entertainment for 2013.



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