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Typo Or Daft? Youth Corper Writes Rubbish On Social Media To Celebrate Swearing In | MY #DEEVANALYSIS

CORPER TYPO-1Just saw this story going round social media and I thought to share my opinion on this.

First, it took me a while to figure out what this young woman was trying to communicate. She is a youth corper who was celebrating her swearing-in and excited at officially becoming a corper.

Being a serving youth corper means you are a Nigerian who has graduated from a university within or outside the country. But this girl wrote,

“Swearing things

Its fun

Now a corpse

#Corpse weeeee#”

When her friends saw the typos, they kept sharing her post until it went viral. Then she wrote this in response to the criticisms she got…

CORPER TYPO-2“Abeg ooo, na corps nt corpse ooo its typing error and nothing bad will happen 2 anyone of us and if u ar confuse u ar free to confront or cal me no. bodi above mistak”

I really could have overlooked her first post, if she had just stopped there. She could have easily claimed her cellphone’s text prediction had a mind of its own and she’d have sounded believable.

This second response just proves that we have another illiterate in khaki posing as a corper, and it’s so unfortunate. For me as  a mother of two teenagers preparing for university, this is totally unacceptable. please don’t blame it on village primary education. I know uncountable people…my parents inclusive…who attended village primary schools, yet are fantastic writers.

There are students who are lazy; who wait for shortcuts to success. They bribe or sleep their way to getting good grades. After they graduate, they open their mouths to speak and it shoots atomic weapons of grammatical blunders. She cannot even spell c-o-r-p-e-r, yet claims she is one.

What happened to the last ‘l’ in ‘call’ or the last ‘e’ in ‘mistake’? Parents, please discourage your children from over abbreviating words when they type texts in a chat. Or else we may have a spelling crisis on our hands in the next ten years.

This isn’t funny. It is pathetic!!



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