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“Ugly Duckling To Swan” – New Series Coming Up On Peace Ben Williams Blog

UGLY DUCKLING TO SWANI’ve been thinking of running these series for over two years now. Most of my regular readers already know that I have a blog category called ‘Deevanalysis.’ In fact, it is the main feature of Peace Ben Williams Blog. My deevanalysis is my personal take on trending events in pop culture, entertainment, lifestyle and politics.

In the course of my deevanalysis, I have called out a few people who ‘behaved badly’ and like I wrote in my blog’s bio, the criticism isn’t borne out of cyber trolling or bullying. Rather, it is constructively done in the hope of a positive change in our thought process. Over time, it has happened that a few of the people in my deevanalysis ‘black book’ of sorts have made a 360 degrees turn around and have become such a positive force of energy it’s almost impossible to compare them to their old self.

In this case, I am more than happy to write about them and how far they have metamorphosed into something worthy of bringing to light. This has given birth to my Ugly Duckling to Swan segment. The ugly is no way referring to anyone’s physical looks…I have no power to create a human so I dare not insult any of God’s creation. The term refers to the poster you see above and drawn from the popular children’s folktale.

The first two Swans I was to highlight on my blog would have been Tonto Dikeh and Laura Ikeji. The reason is because I never spared their social media bloops in the past. But I had to put a hold to the segment when Tonto’s marriage came under huge public scrutiny because of the way she and her ex-husband mismanaged their marital crisis.

It is my prayer and desire for Peace Ben Williams Blog to celebrate more Swans as a spiritual way of blotting out the ignorant past and celebrating the brighter future.

Please watch this space. It promises to be interesting.



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Peace is a wife and mother who reports and analyses global trends from the perspective of a Deeva; in the hope of invoking a thought process that will lead to a positive change.

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