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Update On Woman Who Was Forcefully Admitted Into Mental Home Because She Exposed ‘Cheating’ Husband On Facebook

fundira-xI’ve been able to get new facts on the Facebook woman story.

Her name is Gaynor Chaluwa Fundira, her husband, Byron Fundira is a UK-based business man and they are both from Zimbabwe. It is true that they live at No. 49 Carrington Road, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England and have three children, together.

The husband who won the Entrepreneur of the Year award at the prestigious Zimbabwe Achievers Awards in 2013 claims he’s a very private person but was forced to talk to the press after his wife put a video about their marital problems out in the public. Mr. Fundira said he wanted the public to get both sides of the story after he became the target of torrents of scorn and venomous abuse on social networking sites .

Mr. Fundira denied bring any woman to the house but explained that the dispute with his wife started when he decided to engage a child minder which he explained to Gaynor. He said:

“My wife has mental health problems. She was diagnosed in 2011 and put on medication. The problem is that she does not take her medication regularly, complaining that it makes her feel like a zombie and, unfortunately, this causes relapses.

So when we had this disagreement over the child minder; the way she reacted by going berserk, screaming at the top of her voice and throwing things out through the window … I thought these could be tell-tale signs of another relapse and decided I had to act fast to help her.

I explained to her that she had not been taking her medication and that she needed to go to hospital. I tried to make her understand that this was the right thing to do. But she became bitter and managed to abscond from the hospital on Monday.

The next thing is I was getting phone calls from friends and relatives around 4AM on Tuesday saying she had put the video on Facebook claiming to have found me in bed at our house with a girlfriend.”

Gaynor says what enraged her even more was Byron’s frozen-hearted decision to use her past struggles with mental health to have her compulsorily committed to a psychiatric hospital after she rightly threw a fit over the effrontery of finding her husband in bed in their matrimonial home with their three minor children present.

The news has created quite a scandal everywhere with every newspaper from their native country, Zimbabwe splashing the story. Byron also took to his Facebook wall to post this disclaimer…

fundira-fbReaders have mixed views on who the victim actually is between Gaynor the wife who claimed she was cruelly cheated on and Byron who claims to be the long-suffering husband caring for a mentally ill wife. Here are two top comments I got from some readers:

Reader 1:

Nobody needs your husband to prove you have mental issues, you are doing it all by yourself.”

Reader 2:

“She is crying out for help. That man is an evil calculating creature who has used his knowledge of mental health to drive his spouse mad. I don’t know him but what he says about looking for a maid, locking himself in the bedroom and setting up booby traps for the desperate woman is pathetic behaviour from a control freak that he is.

Who assisted him in the selection of child minders? Why was the wife not part of the process? All he wants is to administer haloperidol to his patient(wife) like some mental health staff who go about diagnosing all they meet. He is responsible for all this behaviour and should take the blame.”

The truth is, it is more a wife’s responsibility to hire a child minder but I know Byron will argue that his wife wasn’t mentally stable to make the call. Who do you think is the real victim?

Byron and his wife Gaynor (in purple) receiving the business man of the year award in 2013
gaynor and kids
Gaynor with her kids. Could the woman in pink be Agnes the child minder?
Byron fundira
Byron Fundira
gaynor fundira
Gaynor Chaluwa Fundira


Watch Gaynor’s video again…

Source: New Zimbabwe News | Facebook



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  1. Mmmmm Wonders will never end. It is very difficult to say who is right and what is right but from the sound coordination of the woman action and speech, there’s nothing to suggest that she has an unsound mind. I guess that with time and unfolding events, absolute truth will prevail.

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