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Venita Akpofure Comes At Toke Makinwa Again

VENITA-TOKEIf the rumours going round are to be believed, then On-Air-Personality, Toke Makinwa is going through a rough patch in her relationship with fitness hunk, Maje Ayida.

Rumour has it that Toke had planned a quiet registry wedding with Maje toward the end of November but her fiancé abandoned her at the registry and never showed up. Then Maje went on to Twitter to rant…

MAJE TWEETS 2A MAJE TWEETS 2BI hear these two have been dating off and on for 10 years…a pretty long time. While we may never know the truth behind the fact why they’ve been stalling on tying the knot, I find Maje going to Twitter to vent as very childish.

When you put your private life out there, you give others a chance; (including us aproko bloggers) to pick at you. Venita Akpofure did just that to Toke on Twitter, on Friday. While majority of Nigerians sympathised with Toke and attacked Maje for wasting her time, video vixen Venita seemed to think differently. Read her tweets…

VENITA-TweetsMy sympathies definitely lies with Toke. Granted; she may ooze fakeness once in a while but who amongst us is perfect? She has other great attributes which makes her an overall winner in my book.

Apart from that, it’s only a foolish woman who gloats when her sister is being short-changed by a man for whatever reason. Women give and give till the day they die in a relationship and for that deserve my utmost respect. No woman deserves to be kept waiting like that for whatever reason. If Toke na your mama pickin, you for like am?

So Venita darling, take several seats and while your at it, STFU!



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