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Venita Akpofure Finally Reveals The Face Of Her Baby Daddy…Plus Why She’s Been Hiding His Identity Since

VENITA-IGIf you’re a fan of AY’s Crib, then you should know Venita Akpofure by now. She’s the actress who plays ‘Mimi’…AY‘s girlfriend on the show.

She is also a popular video vixen who has appeared in many notable music videos, including PSquare‘s Alingo.

So yesterday, the pregnant actress who has a growing baby bump that has left tongues wagging about who the baby daddy is, posted a photo on Instagram yesterday. The photo showed her posing beside a dashingly handsome young man whom she named as her ‘Man Crush Monday’ (#MCM).

When a follower asked her why she didn’t tag the guy, her response:

“That would be like me giving blood to Vampires.”

VENITA-IG 3So who are the vampires? Precisely Lagos girls. This really got me thinking. Is the fear of ‘vampires’ the beginning of wisdom? Because not long ago, Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh hinted at hiding her current boyfriend from the public eye for the same reason.

Have Lagos chicks gotten highly skilled at snatching other ladies men or are the guys just getting better at becoming certified dickheads? Yea…yea most Lagos chicks are greedy and desperate for the finer things of life, I know but it’s the guys I really want to address in this post today.

Why are you even ‘snatchable’ in the first place if you’re not greedy and stupid? Greedy for wanting to sleep with as many hot girls as possible including the friends of your girlfriend and stupid enough to think that a girl who stabs her BFF in the back just to squeeze out a couple of bucks from you could genuinely love you?

Maybe, I lived in another era not to get this logic or maybe I was just plain lucky, because I’ve never dated a guy who was such an ass. Oh wait, I did…once!

It was during my university days and a friend of mine came to hang out with me and my boyfriend. She came with a friend of hers whom I was meeting for the first time. The following week, I had to make a quick dash home to get some pocket money. This newly introduced acquaintance somehow found her way to my boyfriend’s house and slept with him. By the time I returned, it was confession time.

Mr. Boyfriend said he was attracted to Miss Newly-Introduced-Friend because she had very long natural hair and I had just chopped off my hair so he missed seeing me with long hair? Now, if that wasn’t the lamest excuse for cheating I ever heard!

I starred at him for a long moment. Then I reminded him how I told him I was dying to get the new Halle Berry haircut which was the rave of that time…the 90s…after the release of the movie, Boomerang. He told me to go ahead and have the cut and now this?

I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with a weakling who’d be so quick to run sleeping with the next girl with long hair, because no matter how hard I’d try to compete for his attention, I’d never be the girl with the longest hair in the world. I was better off single. I kicked his sorry ass to the curb. Not long after, I met my husband. He still thinks my husband is the luckiest girl in the world.

VENITA-IG 2Which bring me to the ladies. How many of you spend time to actually improve on yourselves?…your inner selves…I’m talking about your character? You must have a strength of character that is rare, admirable and resilient…enough to make you incomparable, priceless and irresistible.

Then you must concentrate on enhancing your physical appearance. I’m not talking about cosmetic surgeries or anything artificial…trust me, the guys are on to fake beauty and it disgusts them. I’m talking about caring for what you’re naturally endowed with. Eat healthy, exercise, Maintain a high standard of personal hygiene, bathe regularly and shave hairs from areas that need to be shaved. Use the right right moisturizers, don’t wear smelly wigs and weaves…wash your hair. Use Perfumes, deodorants, mouth wash and floss if need be. Treat your bodies right…it’s the temple of the Most High.

Learn how to cook WELL for Christ’s sake and have good manners….be humble. If you’ve done all these and the guy is still being a dick, then you’re too queenly to consort with him. Kick his ass to the curb for the sake of your mental health.

Then lastly, empower…empower…empower. Venita and Tonto do not sit on their oars. They are hardworking. At the rate they are going, they’ll soon be needing men only for companionship and not money. Men love hardworking, money-making, humble ladies. The rich ones cling to them because they know these ladies have the business brains to handle wealth and make it grow.

So if you want to remain the average chick who cannot eat or dress well if a man doesn’t wire money to your account or give you his Mastercard, then you are the vampire Venita is talking about. In Warri, we call you people ‘sucking blood’.

And for you mumu guys, who will not make up your minds to get serious with one girl, bad luck must follow you! If na your sister wey your mama born you for wicked the girl like that? Act wisely, leave sucking blood girls alone. Reward those good girls out there who took time to receive good home training from their parents and are imbibing that good upbringing. Give them reason to be happy that it is good to be good.

Venita darling, congratulations on the little bun in the oven. Pregnancy suits you so well, you’re glowing. Your man is very handsome. Note to Venita’s man: Be good to her and make her a keeper.

To every lover out there, be good and true to each other. Don’t joke with the treasure you have. It could be taken by another who is well deserving.

Aunty Peace is outta here!…for now.



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