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Venus Williams’s Father Schools White Journalist On How To Interview A 14-Year-Old Black Girl [WATCH VIDEO]

VENUS-YOUNGER-OLDERWe all remember the young Venus Williams with her trademark white-beaded braids back in the day and how her dad, Richard Williams used to coach her and her younger sister, Serena Williams on lawn tennis.

Just stumbled on this old video of Venus as a 14-year-old girl being interviewed by a white journalist on ABC News.

The video shows Mr. Williams scolding the reporter for stressing on Venus being too confident. Well, I just saw a reporter doing his job. But Black folks thought different about what the journalist was trying to do to the little girl and here’s what some of them said…

“Check the hell outta him…the interviewer was trying to brain wash her to make her feel that she should think different about being confident. smh”

“The media and society will try to destroy the self esteem and confidence of the youth… and it’s refreshing to see someone in a public light take a stand for those they love and not allow anyone in this world to take away the confidence, love and joy that they possess.

“Think about this man destroying the confidence of a 14 yo Venus. That one act may have change her entire life… and poppa wasn’t having it!”

That’s how it is when white people want u to back down from your confidence, they ask you the same questions over and over again until you start to doubt your self. The father knew what the interviewer was trying to do. He wanted to remove that twinkle in her eyes and that smile. So the father check him, look at them now. The game is mental people.”

“Can u imagine if fathers stood up and taught their children this level of confidence. Many of our boys and girls would not be twerking or acting a fool.”

“And she ended up being the best tennis player in the world!!!”

Watch the video…




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