Victim Of Peace Mass Transit Accident, Joy Akubuike Had Better Be Alive


JOY AKUBUIKE-1One of the victims of the Peace Mass Transit road accident on Sunday, has been identified and her name was Joy Akabuike. [Read HERE.]

Miss Akabuike is in her early 20s and is s student of Imo State polytechnic Umuagwo, Imo State but lives in Asaba,, Delta State.

In the accident scene, you can see her as the young woman lying unconscious on the road by the mangled commercial bus she was travelling in. The split photos shows her taking a selfie before embarking on the ill fated journey and lying beside the mangled bus shortly after the accident.

There is some confusion as whether Joy is still alive. Friends flooded her Facebook timeline with “Rest in Peace” messages/tributes. But some friends insist she isn’t dead but in a coma following the ghastly accident involving the bus she travelled in and a truck which occurred last Sunday in Umuahia.


In faith, I’m standing on the second speculation which is Joy Akubike is currently in  a coma and will wake up again alive. I prayed fervently for her safe recovery this morning. And I’m hoping to hear good news.

She woke up Sunday morning like anybody else, dressed up, did her hair, took selfies and hopped on a bus hoping to arrive her destination safely.

Please say a prayer for this young woman. Pray for her safe recovery. Prayers!ACCIDENT-PEACE MASS-2JOY AKUBUIKE-2 JOY AKUBUIKE-3 JOY AKUBUIKE-4 JOY AKUBUIKE-5 JOY AKUBUIKE-6


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